Our Story


Our StoryQDTS Construction was established in 2014 by founder and Managing Director, Terry Benson. It had three employees and a turnover of £550,000. In just six years, drawing on his years of construction experience and his extensive network of skilled workers, subcontractors and consultant partners, Terry has successfully grown the turnover of the business to £10+ million. He now directly employs 15 handpicked staff and a network of tried and trusted subcontractors and consultant partners. Since their inception in 2014, Terry and QDTS Construction have achieved a string of successes, resulting in the Award Winning, Multi-Million Pound business that you see today.

QDTS Core Values

Our StoryWith over 30 years industry experience, Terry has learned first-hand what makes a successful main contractor and has identified the values that support this success. These core values are at the heart of everything that we do at QDTS Construction. We are:

Committed to YOU

We know that choosing a main contractor to bring your construction project to life can be an overwhelming decision. We are here to make that decision easier for you and to support you through every step of your construction journey. Nothing means more to us than understanding what is important to you and to delivering your project to the highest possible standard with the minimum possible impact.

Our Story


We commit to innovation by challenging what, how, when and why we do things. We ensure that we understand what drives our clients and then work together to develop a solution that will deliver their vision.

Our teams have a fantastic “Can Do” attitude with a positive, flexible approach that means that if there is a solution, we will find it. This includes establishing new and innovative ways of working – but only where we can demonstrate that this will improve the efficiency of either programme, quality or cost.
Our Story

Committed to OUR PEOPLE

The success of QDTS Construction starts and finishes with the calibre of employees that we are able to attract and retain and we are committed to providing them with the best working experience that we can.

Alongside a comprehensive and flexible training and mentoring programme and a relaxed and supportive working environment, we reward our teams with benefits such as free gym membership, Employee of the Month awards and (Covid-19 allowing) a calendar of mixed social events planned to encourage teamwork and loyalty to the business and to each other.


We care deeply about the communities that we operate within and the impact that we have on the people that live, study and work in them.

With every new project that we undertake we look for ways that we can benefit our communities. This could be through supporting local schools, local sports teams and local charities; providing training and educational opportunities; targeting a local supply chain and providing job opportunities to local people; and through improving the local environment.

We are committed to ensuring that any project that we deliver is appropriate for the community that it will form a part of and that the community will gain maximum benefit from the development.