Our Responsibilities

In addition to our Core Values (which can be found here) we have a number of key areas of responsibility that we take as read – these are basic standards that we carefully consider and build into each and every project that we undertake – without question. These are:

Social Responsibility

Our underlying commitment to YOU, OUR PEOPLE and OUR COMMUNITIES is manifested through our Social Responsibility activities. These help us to ensure that we are socially accountable to you, our stakeholders and ourselves and that we carry out our business in an ethical way.

As our Core Value states: “We care deeply about the communities that we operate within and the impact that we have on the people that live, study and work in them.

With every new project that we undertake we look for ways that we can benefit our communities. This could be through supporting local schools, local sports teams and local charities; providing training and educational opportunities; targeting a local supply chain and providing job opportunities to local people; and through improving the local environment. “

We take a particular interest in the education of young people and their experience of the construction industry. Managing Director, Terry Benson, is involved with the Leicestershire Education Business Company (LEBC) and has engaged with local schools to show young people the opportunities and career paths available to them within the Construction Industry.

The skills shortage in the construction industry is a massive problem and will only be addressed through engaging with young people and sparking their interest in the sector. One of the ways that we do this is through our apprenticeship schemes, which the management team at QDTS are passionate about. We see the value in supporting young people, not just in their careers but in their development into young adults, enabling them in turn to become valuable contributors to the communities in which they live and work.

Some of our recent activities have included:

Nature Area at Croft Primary School: To support our Waste Management System and ensure that we recycle as much as possible we look for opportunities to utilise project waste on voluntary projects in the local community.

At Croft Primary School this enabled us to provide a pond and nature area that pupils and teachers alike were delighted with.

Leicester Tigers Charity Golf Day: We took part in and sponsored this popular charity event with Leicester Tigers Rugby Club back in August 2019, to raise money to support the fantastic work of the Leicester Tigers Foundation. The focus of the foundation is driven by its core values helping others across five key areas, Disability in Sport, Community Cohesion, Health, Education and Charities. The Foundation utilises the power and expertise within Leicester Tigers Rugby Club to help make a positive difference to the lives and opportunities of 1000’s of individuals and groups every year.

West Midlands Brain Game Event: In October of 2019 our team took part in the ‘West Midlands Brain Game Event’ as platinum sponsors to help raise money for the Marie Curie (West Midlands) charity. The event held at the ICC managed to raise an amazing £169,500 in total.


Health and Safety

At QDTS Construction we establish and adhere to exemplary health and safety practices and procedures throughout all of our projects. The most important of our responsibilities is that every single person involved in a QDTS Construction project goes home safely at the end of the day.

To achieve this, we have an established set of rigorous standards, processes and procedures which are applied by our fully trained and qualified teams and supported by our independent, third party Competent Advisors.

These enable us to monitor and assess risk at every stage of a project – designing risk out wherever possible and managing it a safe, planned and coordinated way where it is not possible to remove it immediately.

All of our staff hold the training, qualifications and relevant tickets required to enable them to do their jobs safely and well. They receive regular training updates and refresher courses as required which are delivered by our independent, third party provider – Safety Services Direct.

QDTS Construction holds both CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) and SMAS (Safety Management Advisory Service) WorkSafe SSIP accreditations




The sustainability of our projects – both in the planning and delivery stages and the legacy that they leave behind – is a huge responsibility, and one that we take very seriously.

We consider the future sustainability of our projects in the following ways:

Design and Materials: how will the building operate, particularly in regard to heating and ventilation? What are we building it out of? Are those materials sustainable, locally sourced, sympathetic and kind to the environment in which they are being used?

Wherever possible we use locally sourced materials and design our buildings to operate with the least possible impact on the communities and people that use them.

Workforce: we commit to using a local supply chain wherever possible. Our supply chain plays a key role in the success of our projects and we focus on building strong, local relationships that will bring long-term benefits through employment opportunities and training to the areas that we work in.

Plant and Equipment: again, wherever possible, we source all of our plant and other machinery locally to the project site. We also keep up to date with new innovations in plant and machinery, ensuring that we are using equipment that minimises the impact on both the environment and our teams.

Waste: following our detailed planning of a project in terms of design, materials, workforce, plant and equipment we will already have minimised the amount and types of waste that the project generates. We then implement a strict Waste Management System, segregating all of our waste so that as much is recycled as possible and the bare minimum goes to landfill.