Tamworth Street - Lichfield Development

Tamworth Street – Lichfield Development

This high-spec redevelopment project stems from the local District Council’s plans to address the Greater Birmingham housing market area issues, the specifics of which have identified the shortfall in housing provision within the Lichfield area. The Local Plan Strategy identifies Lichfield City as the key sustainable settlement within the District and as such a key focus for growth.

VALUE: £4.25M

Tamworth Street Vision Statement

Our expertise and reputation for quality make us an ideal construction partner of local councils who wish to proactively identify the appropriate amount of growth to be accommodated within their district.

The redevelopment work taking place on this site contributes to the sustainable regeneration of the area incorporating 3 key dimensions; economic, social and environmental. The legacy of the construction work we deliver is important to us and the built environment is pivotal in supporting the community’s needs, health, social and cultural well-being.

As with all of our projects only quality materials which compliment and enhance the existing surrounding environment are sourced. Attention to detail is paramount. The bricks and even the colour of the mortar selected were done so with a distinctly considered approach.

The use of aluminium and grey detail allows the build to sit naturally amongst the existing neighbouring developments. Adding value whilst support the strategic aims within the locality the Tamworth Street development is a proud addition to our portfolio of work.

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