Tackling the skill shortage in construction

Did you know that in the UK we are at the record level of skill shortages in construction? A quarter of people already in the industry are now over 50 years of age, meaning they are heading towards retirement. Construction and trade also doesn’t seem to be a popular career path amongst the younger generation. With this in mind it is no surprise that the demand for skilled workers in the industry doesn’t meet the supply. 

Then there’s the dreaded B word… Brexit. It is thought that EU construction workers are considering leaving the UK, which will further decrease the size of our industry workforce. Here at QDTS we want to try and tackle this skill shortage, below we’ve highlighted some points on how we’re trying to have a positive impact.

Grow the talent ourselves

If the construction industry wants to tackle the skill shortage, then it needs to focus on and encourage young workers. This can be done through apprenticeship programmes through colleges and schools. The Chartered Institute of Building has done a study in which to keep up with demand they believe the construction trade needs to secure 157,000 recruits by 2021 – which isn’t far away! If the prediction that EU construction workers will leave the UK after Brexit, then we need to be encouraging young talent now rather than relying on workers outside of the UK.

Make the industry appealing 

The perception of a construction company is perhaps not as glamorous as other jobs, but there are perhaps more opportunities within construction. More needs to be done with regards to challenging the trade stereotype and shouting about the opportunities within. The job isn’t all scaffolds and cold days spent outside, you can show them the attractive side of the trade with case studies like the ones on our site. With that in mind, we need to show young people that there are all of these career opportunities available within construction.

How QDTS are tackling the problem 

We all need to work collectively throughout the industry to tackle these problems. 

Here at QDTS we currently have two apprentices, we thoroughly encourage apprenticeships or placement student and are always on the lookout for fresh talent. 

The team here are often visiting local schools to talk about the fantastic opportunities in construction to try and create a desire and to challenge the stereotype against the trade. 

Aside from schools we also take on local charity projects, the feeling of helping others is priceless and to be able to do this as part of your working week is amazing. By working for a charity your team will appreciate the work that they are doing, onlookers will perhaps feel that they want to be involved and more likely to embark into a career in the construction industry. 

Don’t forget that your staff make your company what it is today! We run an employee of the month reward with regular team trips out to celebrate all of the hard work that they do which creates a positive environment that others would want to be a part of. 

What do you think about skill shortage in construction? If you think there are other factors relating to this, fully agree with what we’ve said or want to know more then get in touch hereor via our FacebookTwitterand LinkedInpages. 

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