Denwyn Bungalow Refurb

Denwyn Bungalow Refurb

Construction of new bungalows has slowed significantly over the past 30 years. Many of the bungalows currently on the market today were built before the 1980’s and those in need of some cosmetic attention often sell for a price that fails to reflect their true, full potential.

VALUE: £300K

Denwyn Bungalow Vision Statement

Bungalows tend to occupy large plots which provide excellent accessibility making them ideal development opportunities. There is usually considerable space to extend out as well as the option to add either a simple loft conversion or the addition of a complete second floor. Budget allowing, extending out and up provides a great opportunity to incorporate a balcony into the plans of a bungalow redevelopment project.

Many single storey properties benefit from being detached in nature which affords them a hugely customisable internal layout. With expert input from a reputable architect providing careful planning, the internal space can be transformed into a highly usable and unique environment.

Our Denwyn Bungalow project is a superb example of what can be achieved when redeveloping a residential property like this. Using only the finest materials ensures a feeling of quality and luxury coupled with the benefits of low ongoing maintenance and energy costs.

First impressions count when approaching any home. An impressive entrance canopy has been added using locally sourced timber which has been exquisitely hand-crafted by timber specialists.

Modern insulation and underfloor heating designed and installed by expert engineers make the property as energy efficient as any new build. Only the highest grades of materials have been used to ensure that the refurbishment stands the test of time. New windows, bi-fold doors and Velux roof lights provide the finishing touches of quality and further enhance the refined sense of style that is evident from whatever perspective you view this property.

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