CSR – QDTS Construction Ltd

We care about our community and the people in it. As a construction company we are very aware of our duty of care to the environment and support the local supply chain as much as we can. We also care about our local people, working closely with local schools and supporting various charities. You can read all of the fantastic things our team have done to give back to the community, below…

Leicester Tigers Foundation Monument Project

This is a project that has always been close to the heart of QDTS, it was created to remember those who died during both World Wars. During Armistice Day at the new monument at Welford Road, it seemed only right that we sponsor 10 wreathes that would be placed there. With 46 Tigers and 100 Barbarians giving their lives for their country, along with many others, this is naturally a cause that we wholeheartedly support. We have supported this foundation further by sponsoring various events such as the Golf Day at Nailcote Hall in Coventry.

Cycle Challenge

Just last year the team here at QDTS took on the challenge of cycling the 50 miles of the three peaks to raise money for Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital. We are always on the lookout for the next challenge we can get involved in to fundraise for charity.

Croft Primary School

CSREducation is important to us; we want to allow the next generation of children to have the best experience possible. The team have given up their time and resources for free to work on Croft Primary School.

The plans include a pond, nature area, decked area and even some sand and beach huts for the children to enjoy. We can’t wait to see the finished project, the team has been busy collaborating on ideas to turn this into a magical place for the children.

Education in Leicestershire

Our Managing Director, Terry Benson, is involved with the Leicestershire Education Business Company (LEBC) and enjoys presenting to local schools to show young people the opportunities available within the construction industry. With skill shortage in the construction industry being a big problem, it will only worsen if we don’t encourage young children to become engaged and interested in this sector, which in years to come will have a huge impact on the community.

We have a great relationship with Heath Lane Academy, who allow us to take on troubled children for work placements. We were approached by the school to take on a child for a work placement, after completing this placement the school wrote to us to inform how the young boy’s attitude completely changed. He started to engage with his lessons, not disrupt his classes and later went on to join the army. This is really rewarding for us as a company to know we made an impact on not only his education, but those surrounding him.

CSROur apprenticeships schemes are a way we also try to help young people, we have 5 apprentices with us at present. The management team here see great value in supporting them, not just in their future career, but in their personal development into adulthood too.

Green Towers Football Club

We take great pleasure in sponsoring Green Towers Football Club, who are based in Hinckley. Providing the under 11’s team with the kit, bags, gloves and equipment that they need is something we have done for years and will continue to do.

Environmental Care

To ensure that we are doing our bit for the environment, we use waste products as much as we can on voluntary projects. For example, the pond and nature area the team will be building at Croft Primary School will all be built using waste materials.

Our team have a very strict waste control system, segregating all waste so that as much can be recycled as possible, seeing that the very bare minimum goes to landfill. The team go above and beyond to ensure that this is regularly monitored and maintained. During our time of work, we do what we can to ensure that the construction site is not an eyesore for the local area. We have even gone as far as to turn our hard hats upside down as plant pots to place flowers in and have used old tyres as planters to grow more flowers.

Supporting local supply chains

To look after our local businesses, we source all of our subcontractors from Leicestershire, so that work is provided to local people at all time. They don’t just work for us, but they become a part of our team and we like to show our gratitude by supplying them with protective workwear, and PPE. We also like to locally source our materials and machinery, from local quarries, buying locally and using local hire companys for machinery.

Employee support

CSRIt’s thanks to the great team here at QDTS that we have such great success. We want to see that the hard work they do doesn’t go unnoticed as most of the referrals that QDTS receive are down to the QDTS team working on site. To give back to our employees, we offer job specific training on a regular basis, as well as any training that they request. The team attend regular courses on first aid, programming software and more, they also have the option to attend extra courses if they wish.

Away from work the team receive free access to David Lloyds gym with regular team trips out. We also have an employee of the month amongst all staff, sub-contractors and cleaners, with the chance of winning a £30 voucher. We are continually looking for community projects to be involved in and ways to make the lives of local people better.

To find out more about what we do here at QDTS, take a look at our ‘About us’ page.