Our Industry Predictions for 2019

In 2019 there is a huge demand for more houses in the UK, meaning that construction companies will continue to grow. But if a company wants to evolve and stay competitive then they need to be up to date with the current trends. It’s a very exciting industry to be involved in as the way you work and what you work with are ever-changing to adapt to current trends. It only seemed fitting that we share our Construction Trend Predictions for 2019 with you below:

Advances in technology

 Construction Software is constantly improving. The software now can oversee time, scheduling and project management which offer more advantages and saves time. 

Drones, despite the recent bad press, are proving to be very useful. They can capture photos and videos of landscapes, which will help add more detail. Drones can be bought at a very reasonable price, and for the accuracy and detail they provide they could be well worth the investment.

Environmentally Friendly Projects & Materials

We’re in an age where we are doing all we can to help the planet. This doesn’t limit to plastic waste. The construction industry uses Green Technology, this enables them to plan and build with efficient resources and to be environmentally friendly when building projects. Green Technology oversees everything from construction, maintenance and demolition, to the design and planning.  We also predict advancement in the creation of core building products e.g. bricks being made from recycled materials such as ash.

Increasing Costs of Material

Costs are continuing to increase, especially for materials such as iron, steel and lumber. This construction trend will most likely continue into 2019, if the product supply is low then the costs will always be high.

Reduced Labour Force

Low employee numbers can stall projects. There is a very low employment rate at present in the UK, so more is needed to attract people to start a career in the construction trade. The trend of low employment will most likely continue into 2019. So, maybe apprenticeships should be offered to encourage young people to start in the trade early with the offer of education and qualifications.

Modular Methods & Prefabricated Construction Projects

Modular methods have proved to expand the way in which residential and commercial buildings are constructed, saving a lot of time and money. This involves constructing units or sections of the building away from the building site and then delivering them to the intended sites.

Prefabricated Construction projects will hopefully begin to help the issue of a reduced labour force as it will decrease the amount of labour needed.

Cash Flow Issues

Problems with cash flow isn’t new in construction. We often find ourselves paying the price of late payments. Late payments can cause issues with payroll, growth and new projects.

Whether it is clients paying contractors late, or contractors paying their supply chain late, it is a persisting problem. Some companies have found that penalising late payment or incentivising early/on-time payments has helped.

What do you predict?

Are there any trends in 2019 that you might be able to predict? If you agree or disagree with our predictions, then be sure to let us know! You can get in touch here or via our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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